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Shelby drop on a 1966 Coupe

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I hope someone will be able to give me some good advice ..... I am upgrading my front brakes to discs and decided to install new upper and lower control arms and all new bushings up front. I received some good advice on doing a "shelby drop" on the upper control arms. The only thing that is stopping me is that I already purchased coil springs that will drop the stock height 1". My question is will the "shelby drop" drop my front end another 1"? I dropped the rear of the car 1" by installing mideye leaf springs and I dont want the front end to be too low for some decent size wheels. any help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No the shelby drop will not lower your car another inch in the front.

Here is my mustang with 1 inch drop springs in the front, shelby drop, and still had mid eye springs in the rear:

The Shelby drop is really just changing the angle of the control arm for alignment and handling purposes. It only very slightly lowers the car at all. Maybe 1\4 inch.
Same as Dodgestang but on a '67, 1" lowering springs, 1" Shelby/Arning drop, 4 1/2 leaf mideyes on rear. My car is level within 1/4" on 15" tires. Fender lip is ~24.5" from ground, exactly the look I was going for.
Be sure to have your alignment reset to the Shelby specs, print them out and take them to the shop and advise them to set to those specs and not the stock Mustang specs or it'll drive like a GM.


I did the Shelby drop with 1" lower 620 springs. I am still able to run 225/47/zr17 tiresup front. Speaking from experience, make sure that you replace your upper and lower ball joints while you are under there. If they are badly worn it can push your wheels forward and end up hitting the front fender.
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