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Shelby/Kicker Door Sub Question

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Hey all I just have a question about the Shelby/kicker woofers. Has anyone heard these installed? is there more rattling in the door than with the stock subs.. Im looking for more bass but I dont want it to sound terrible. I have kicker KS component speakers, and I am looking to replace the door subs.. So far, easiest option seems to be the direct replacement with the kickers. I definitely wanted kickers, but I get a discount through an accommodation with kicker that would cut the price in half if I didnt have to go this route. Has any one else replaced the door subs with anything else.. I need my trunk space so that isnt an option, I want to just replace the stock subs which also doesn't require me get a new amp.

All advice/answers are greatly appreciated in advance!

I have a shaker 500 in a v6 auto by the way.. probably should have mentioned earlier
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I have them and no new rattles popped up after the install.
are they worth the money? over the factory subs that is
I think so. It's a really good speaker for the price. I bought the entire Shelby Kicker system and like it however if I could change just one or two things it would be the underpowered amp for the main speakers and the rear sub.
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