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Shelby American might be best known for its cars, but it turns out that the go-fast company is actually, like much of the rest of the market, building more fast trucks than fast cars.

Company spokesman Jonathan Marsh told Autoblog about the figures. Though while the company doesn't release specific output figures, the big reveal does come with a huge asterisk: Shelby's production figures don't count the GT350 and GT500 that Ford builds with the famous name. Just the cars (and now trucks) the company builds and sells itself.

Shelby puts out around 300 new Mustang-based cars every year, Marsh said, which includes vehicles like the 825 hp Super Snake as well as the 600 hp cars that it built for rental agency Sixt. But that pales in comparison with the 750 or so F-150 variants the company builds or has built at a shop called Tuscany, in Indiana, which also builds Harley-Davidson branded trucks.

Shelby offers Raptor-based pickups as well as the 770 hp supercharged F-150 Super Snake Sport. The report says that the figures don't include cars and trucks built and sold overseas, nor does it include vehicles brought to Shelby for tuning after original purchase.

The figures are a bit of a surprise, but then again, it's also a little easier to justify a near-800 hp pickup that you could, in theory, still use for work than it is an equally-powerful two-door sports coupe.

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