The latest from Shelby isn't a new Mustang, it's a truck. The F-150 Shelby Super Snake that the company has just confirmed will get series production. It's a nearly 800 hp pickup trick if you want it to be, though they'll happily sell you a slightly less super 395 hp version for just slightly less money.

The full version, in classic Shelby form, straps a supercharger onto the stock 5.0L V8 and adds boost to the tune of 770 hp. That's nearly double the factory engine, and it comes with fender vents to help keep things cool. That version will ring up at $93,385, though if you're happy with the piddling 395 hp of the stock motor, you can get all of the rest of the Super Snake package and keep the price at a slightly more reasonable $86,085. For that little difference, we'd take all the ponies. Just the way Carroll would have demanded it.

The most noticeable upgrades are the new nose, with a unique Shelby grille and a very low front bumper. It's made even lower by the Shelby suspension system with adjustable upper control arms, rear spring shackles, and adjustable rear sway bar. Under that tonneau cover with lip spoiler is a bed rug to try and keep everything in place.

Inside, the Super Snake has a custom leather interior, Shelby gauges, and, what might be the most important feature of any Shelby, a numbered dash plaque.

It's a quick pickup, hitting 60 mph in under four seconds, thanks to the 305-wide tires on 22-inch wheels. Shelby will be making just 250 of them for the US and Canada, sold directly through authorized Ford dealers and coming with a 3/36 warranty.