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Shift kit * not short throw shifter*

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Hey guy i was wondering if anyone spotted and shift kits for the 2005 automatic yet? I do not mean a short throw shifter for the manual! thanks for you help and comments will be appreciated!

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Since the tranny is computer controlled most of the tuners have the capability to alter shift points. My Predator has a +/- mph selection that does a nice job. I bumped it to +20 and the shifts come hard and fast right in the powerband.
I have a manual, but I have heard that, due to the design of the new automatic, that a shift kit will be almost impossible with the new 5-speed autos. Something to do with the channeling of the hydraulics inside the transmission.

The tuning options do help quite a bit, but many of the serious perrformance enthusiasts have complained that the tuning doesn't do enough to move shift points or firm up the shifts.
hey 2 horseowner is it an extremely noticible difference wiht just using the tuner how did you know hwo to set it to +20 would it be a good idea to have apro tune the car thanks for your input!
The directions are a bit lacking. I just experimented with it at our 1/8th mile track. It makes a noticable difference driving around town normally as well as at the track. The shifts are hard enough to feel during cruise and will break the tires in second and third at the track. Together with the performance tune I gained .4 seconds and 4 mph.
dang almost half a second isnt bad and 4 mph hour pick up is awesome iw ish i had some one to professionlly tune in my area
anyone else have any input? it seems that tuning the shift points is pretty much all i can do?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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