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shifting linkage 4 1971 mustang?

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hey everyone i have a 1971 mustang with a 302 and c4 out of a 1969 mustang. need to know where to find a linkage that goes between the shifter and transmission. :confused:
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Try ebay or any online mustang junkyard.
have not tried the online junk yard search yet but ebay don't have any.
how long does it have to be? i have several length of shift rods if nothing else make one. easy to cut and reweld bob all of mine are from fords do not have any other parts in my garage.
1964-68 C4 Transmission Shift Linkage

will one of these work? 1964-68 C4 Transmission Shift Linkage

Is it a floor or column shift?
floor shifted

a floor shifter, its getto rigged right now have 2 hold it it gear. i let go it jump out.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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