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short throw shifters, need advice.

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what type of short throw shifter should i buy for my car. its an 89 lx coupe 5.0 with 3.55 gears. i hear the pro 5.0 is a good one. what do you guys reccomend. and also how do you set the stops on them? thanks.
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Alot of people use the PRO 5.0.

I went with a Hurst Billet Plus myself. Would highly recommend it. Easy install, nice feel, and no rattles. I liked the fact that they had an oil seal on the bottom which sealed the shifter (the PRO 5.0 I looked at didn't and would allow dirt in the trans and oil out - the shifter boot itself was what acted as a "seal"). Plus, the Hurst gives you a secondary boot up on top. The 5.0 is probably a good racing shifter but I didn't think it was very street friendly being that you have dirt and rain out in the real world to deal with on daily basis on the street plus I didn't want to be smelling trans fluid inside the car...
I really like my Pro 5.0 shifter. The shifts are extremely short with adjustable stops and 2nd to 3rd is perfect.

What do you mean it will let dirt in? You are supposed to use silicone on the bottom of the shifter to keep dirt/elements out.
On the (used) PRO 5.0 I looked at, other than the grease that was originally packed in around the shift lever and bias springs which originally "glogged" the open area around the mechanism, there was no form of any sealing between the top and bottom of the shifter body. If you looked straight down through the 3" hole you could see light and lots of it! Once its in the car and mounted to the transmission, if you wanted to, you could top off your trans fluid level through the shifter if you wanted! The Hurst has a lip type oil seal around the ball of the shift lever down on the bottom and also gives you a new second boot to seal up topside too. Seemed like a better system, no dirt in, no oil out, so that's why I bought it. As far as a shorter throw, I never compared to a 5.0 or Tri-Ax. I was mainly looking for a nice firm bias spring so it would pull the shifter right into 3rd for me.
i really like my triax. only complaints are that its noisyer (prob happens w/ every aftermarket shifter) and that if i shift extremely fast into 3rd, it will occasionaly grind. i dont think its the shifter, something in my tranny may be bad, or im just not used to the super short throw
well im sold on the pro 5.0, but i am not sure how to set the stops on them. how do you do this properly?
You set them sort of far out, then keep tightening them until you can shift into gear without going to the top or bottom the gear. This ensures that when you shift as hard as possible it hits the stop and lands in the perfect spot without overshifting.

If you tighten it too much , you wont be able to get into gear, too much and its like the stop isnt helping.
i love my pro5.0, but i hear lotsa good things about mgw. might wanna check them out. also for the stop bolts just put in gear (3rd) screw in the bolt til it touches then back it off 1 or 2 turns. do the same in 4th gear.
i like the B&M pro ripper....kinda pricey tho
I bought a Summit racing short throw shifter and am very happy, except I think I set the stop screws a little off because 2nd pops out some times, not very often though. And I found that setting the stops they are very touchy, only slight turn and you could get out one way or the other.
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