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should i upgrade valve springs?

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whats up guys,
i just bought some afr heads and im putting them on my engine that has the trickflow stage 2 cam.
afr says the springs are good up to .500 lift and the exhaust lift on my cam is at around .560
a machinist told me i dont really need to upgrade springs but i will get some valve float when im up in the 6000 rpms.
whatta u guys think?
im skeptical about running it with those springs on there.
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better safe than sorry upgrade the springs

especially if the heads were used.....
What are the actual specs on the old springs? What does the cam require for open and seat pressure?

Be sure they are right. Spring breakage, spring float, or coil bind can cause a retainer to let the keepers loose, and then the valve drops. That gets very expensive.
yes upgrade springs. good insurance. :bigthumbsup
No question, you must upgrade the springs. It doesn't make sense he'd say you don't have to upgrade but then say you'll get valve float. You will get valve float and probably coil bind if you don't upgrade them.
upgrade it is. thanks
upgrade springs
Upgrade springs. Like someone else said insurance...
that is a pretty large cam i would upgrade the springs
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