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SHR Louvers are in but.....

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isn't there always a but. Today was suppose to be a happy day. My louvers were going in. The glass guy got to my work around 8:30 and we talked about what I wanted. He said it should not be an issue but wanted to make me aware of a chance that some chipping could occur with the tool he uses. He showed me the tool and it is a neat little item. I am pretty sure that it is the same device that was mentioned in my other thread on these. It uses microwaves to heat the glass and epoxy and after a min the window basically just pops out.

Anyhow I went back into the office to get some work done and about 20 min latter he calls me and asked me to come look at something. As I approach the car the passenger side is done and it looks sweet. It has one small chip. I walk around to the drivers side and OMG! There are at least 6 chips along the top and back toward the small end of the window and that is not the worst of it. On the bottom there is at least a 6" strip that looks like it just pealed away. That strip of course touched down the side (not much though). I was devastated (but I didn't cry). I told him to finish the louver. He did and I sent him on his way.

A little while latter I took it to a shop up the road to get a quote on touch up the damage. Well that didn't go well I was told that the whole qtr would need to be repainted but then he said he would get his paint guy and see what he said. So he came out looked at it, said something in Spanish to the owner who then asked me if I had ever had any paint work done? I said no and was like WTF? He then tells me that factory paint should not have peeled like that. He then goes and get this tool and starts putting it on various parts of the car. I finally figure out it is a paint thickness gauge. He then shows me that while on the passenger side the pint is about 6mm think on the driver side it is only 3.5mm and then tells me it should be at least 5mm.

Now I am just tired (btw the paint quote was 700 to 1k). I headed over to the closest Ford dealer and asked them about it. While the service manager agreed that it sounded thin they didn't have a body shop so he didn't know. He also didn't know if Ford would cover it under warranty because it happened while I was having other work done.

Tomorrow I am going to the Ford dealer with the body shop to talk to them. we shall see. I "think" I can make it look good if they don't but I am not sure.

So I don't get a BS line does anyone know the min/max spec that Ford is suppose to have for paint thickness?

Thanks for reading the long rant but I had to share with people I knew would understand...:happyhapp:happyhapp:happyhapp
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I feel for you... I almost fainted when I saw how much paint came off with the window seal when he melted it... It was a good thing we were busy that day... Our mechanic couldn't believe the tool was able to break the seal like that... and peel the paint and the seal right off... I consider myself lucky - the louvers look awesome...paint intact...

Compose yourself, you have a 5 year paint warranty and if it's true the thickness is too thin, you've got a big point...

Oh the other hand... how experienced was the glass guy with that tool? We were told our glass guy was tops... perhaps that's why we paid $321 to have them installed? - or we're suckers... LOL I'd be going after him, too... I expect NO paint chips when work is being done on my car...

Some things just happen like that... I feel so bad for you - I really do!!! It's usually me that happens to... Please keep us updated!!!
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I dont know about the paint thickness but it seems like this is all on you.

You agreed to let the guy work on your car knowing full well that it could leave 'chips' in your paint. What happened turned out to be much worse than you expected and I dont think the blame should be put on Ford for putting a thinner coat of paint in some places than others.

Personally I dont know why you'd be interested in any kind of mod that might possibly 'take a few chips of paint off' of your car that you spent thousands of dollars on.

Then again, being a person who will never let anything touch his car but a microfiber cloth or my own hand, maybe i'm over-doing it. :laugh:
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Well that stinks. Hopefully Ford will agree than it's an OEM defect.
It is on me. Never said otherwise (note I am not going to be asking them to fix the passenger side) but if it is an OEM defect I want it fixed. While it is a problem that may never have shown itself if I didn't do this mod living in Florida and under the brutal sun here I would be concerned about paint fade and if that happened after the warranty...

As far as a small chip I am as anal as everyone else but have had to become good at fixing them. I live in a state where most people don't give a crap about someone's car.

The man was recommended by a couple of people I trust as well as the shop that did my tinting. When he told me it was more a "this could happen but almost never does". He was absolutely horrorfide when he showed it to me. Told me he had never seen one do what mine did. Maybe I am the sucker because I believed him.

As to why I would do this mod. I think they look great (and they do even now if you are looking at the car from a little bit away). This is the only major appearance mod I wanted. The others have been minor and self installed (short antenna, splash guards and the like)

Thanks for the advise and sympathy.
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That really sucks. I guess he never thought of putting some tape around the window to protect the paint.
Well good news (for once). Ford is going to fix the driver side under warranty. While giving me a little grief (not very much at all just to be able to say they did) they acknowledge that the paint should not have pealed the way that it did. I will be brining it back next week so the glass guy can look at taking the lover out without destroying it. He is on vacation right now.

More to come...
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Why do you need to have the louver back out??
The way the paint pealed it went all the way back under the window. To do the job right the need to pull the panel, strip it prep, prime and paint.

If I had been thinking I would have had the glass put back in but the fact that I would be having this done never entered my mind till the paint guy told me there was something wrong.
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Though there are ways to remove the quarter window without ruining the surrounding have to be very, very, careful. About a year and a half ago I had my quarter window replaced (factory defect) and the glass place recommended breaking the original glass in order to ensure not ruining the paint...that's what I went with and paint around the window is perfect. Now, I have a problem with both rear quarter windows where the bottom edges of the glass are "fading" (i.e. the black tint-paint on the backside of the glass) from where the rainwater pools. Looks horrible. And I found out that a lot of the older (05-06) Stangs are beginning to show this.
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Glad they're fixing under warranty. Too bad the louvers have to come back out. Will you have to pay again to have them reinstalled?
Yea I am to. Only the one is coming out on the driver side and they will put it back in for me.

I am getting an unpainted one from SHR (they are being FANTASTIC). If the current one ends up being toast than I will pay to have the unpainted one prepped and painted at the same time they do the fix.

Overall would still be cheaper than having to pay the whole thing by myself so I am very happy.

As far as the breaking the glass thing while I understand it it just doesn't seem like the right way to do it. The tool they used would have been fine but for the underlying issue but I don't know for sure.

Once its over I will caulk it up to a learning experience and count myself lucky that its not worse
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I am really happy to hear that they're taking care of that for you!! That must be a huge relief!

An aside: I just had a scare of my own, with the SHR Louvers... Thought of this thread immediately - just went and picked my car up from the dealer - it's raining - and when I turned around to look out the right louver, I saw drip marks on parchment moldings... thankfully it was DRY and dirty (old)... I haven't detailed it yet for the season, so it must have been from the car washes I've been taking in in for during the winter when they clean the back windows... Talk about another heart attack... I'll be checking again tonight, already checked 2 times LOL :so

Welcome to SHR Louver ownership LOL
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So I don't get a BS line does anyone know the min/max spec that Ford is suppose to have for paint thickness?
No, but it definitely should not be 1/2 the thickness of the other side! Good luck ;)
Well, nice to know they're taking care of the paint for you. Sounds like a good dealership. It also sounds like SHR is taking good care of you. That's nice to know.:)
yep SHR has been amazing! I will reserve final judgment on Ford till its done but so far looking good.

I need to get some pic up after I wash the car (she is such a mess. Water Spots everywhere). Even with the issues I would go through it all again. This product just makes the car look even more amazing than it was
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Yep an old thread but I wanted to give an update.

After a week away my baby is back home and looks great. The Ford body shop did a great job and the color match is dead on. They also did pretty well with the SHR louver even though they had a little trouble the first time they tried to paint it.

All in all its good. They even paid for the rental (after they told me that they would not when I first talked to them). With the long weekend coming I hope to get the Midwest Autogear mirror covers, locking gas cap, GTAs and a really good cleaning conditioning of the leather in.

Hope everyone is having fun out there
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Glad it all worked out for you... Let's see those final pictures...
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