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side exhaust

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Here's some picture's of my side exhaust.


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Crazy - how much did that setup cost you in the end?
Lets see some pics from not under the car:happyhapp

-whats it sound like?
looking good, how about a heat sheild on the gas tanks. =)

I can't tell proximity from pix.

More pix!
I'm still waiting on Kip Keanen to finish my rear bumper and send it to me so I can finish my car.Here's a couple, of it without my BBR LNR exhaust covers.Also I did a small video of the exhaust sound but, I did it on a DVD CAM and with the DVD-RAM disk,how do i get it to show . will i have to finalize the disk? because I dont want to waste a 60 min disk. Is there any way to do it with out wasting the disk? Respectfully,James


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One other thing we're going to put on some header wrap on the part next to the gas tanks.
do you have any updated pictures to share... also any luck with transfering over the video from your cam?
hey crazyhrse i noticed some primer in one of your pixs. what other mods are you doing ?

Where'd you learn how to take pictures, man? Don't you have the end product? I mean have the side skirts back on the car and what the final look is like. Your keeping me in suspense cuz I was thinking about doing that myself.:eyebulge:
Yeah, what does the final result look like? Not too many people are going to look under your car. A side view in daylight would be a good shot when it is finished.

Keep us posted~!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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