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side scoop removal

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I need to remove the side scoops for painting. How do I go about it. I have removed the rear seat already because of a delete I'm building and the retainers for the side panels and light bar but it seems that there is no way to reach the scoop bolts(?). Help
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If they are the same type of scoops that come on the 04 .

You have to get Trim Pad Remover,aka crows foot , something to pry to the scoop off . the tool I used is made by Snap On !

There are ,I think 5 little white clips, it has been a some time since I removed my scoops for painting , but you have to get the trim pad tool behind the scoop , and VERY GENTLY put presser and they will start to release , Be VERY carefull ,the scoop is Very hard to get off without breaking the clips , and don`t put to much presser on the car ,you could dent your car with the tool !

TAKE YOUR TIME and good luck !
double sided tape

I was hoping that they were bolted on. I already dealt with removing the hood scoop for the same reason (painting) and it was double sided taped on. What a royal pain!!!
scoop remmoval

I did manage to get them off. No double sided tape at all. Prayed alot. Off to paint!!
Did your clips make it ?
my dads side scoop is broken on his 99 so i bought him used ones. the guy said to pull towards the door jam with even pressure. theres some double sided tap on it too near the front. i think he tried going straight out with the one cuz a bit of where the clip goes is broken off. i think 99 the scoops look different tho from the newer ones. the trim tool will be good for breakin the seal of the tape tho? i'm thinkin anyways hehe.

I basically took a small pry bar and got under the front (toward engine) and pulled slowly out and forward. The clips wound up staying in the body. The clips attached to slots in the scoop (three per side). I prayed that nothing would break and it seems that the front material of the scoop seems to be more flexible as the place to start this process. The three parts of the scoop popped off the clips. You can actually pry out slowly and see the clips and slots with a flashlight. It's that flexible. The rear of the scoop also is clipped into slots but the slots are disengaged by moving the scoop toward the rear of the car.
awesome, i was afraid to try my dads when i first got them cuz its been kinda cold and i thought the plastic would be brittle and i thought the guy might not remember exactly what he did if he swapped them along time ago. but next spring when it warms up i'm gonna give it a try now that i know how u did it hehe. thanks
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