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Side Striping with emblem.

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Striping added today along with 4.6 emblem. Last mod for the year. Blew the budget:happyhapp Have to eat alot of mac and cheese this winter!


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If you take the GT off and replace it with the red 4.6, red calipers would really look good and compliment your emblem. JMPO :winks
HazMatLadder26 said:
Ive seen those red calipers in pics somewhere. Where can I buy them. I havent seen them on ebay. Any ideas???
Thanks alot
They are just painted. You buy caliper paint (high temp) at wally world or an auto parts store. Take the wheel off and go to work. Duplicolor is the most popular and comes with the brush, a degreaser and enough paint to do about a thousand calipers. Easy mod. Have fun. :laughlitt
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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