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Silver Dash Color

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with the IUP, a friend was thinking of getting a LegendLime, curious as to if anyone has tried painting the IUP dash (silver part) with the same color as the car, so instead of the silver it'd be the LegendLime Color.
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ricers:sterb: :sterb: :sterb: :sterb: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :sterb: :sterb:
Check out page 34 of the OCT/NOV '05 issue of "Modified Mustangs". A bit much if you ask me.
dont know about this; obviously i like the legend lime but would not wanna stare at it while driving; i would rather have the new dark trim when it is released. again, just another opinion.


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it would have to be a somewhat transparent paint so it gets the lines. i don't think that doing this would be a ricer thing to do. i think it would match up with the car well.
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