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Daily Drive or NOT?

  • Daily Driver: rain, sleet, snow, bring it on!

    Votes: 122 58.7%
  • "Summer" only: 7 months of glory

    Votes: 41 19.7%
  • Weekend Warrior: low kms, crusing on weekend

    Votes: 39 18.8%
  • Garage Queen: car shows/meets/rides

    Votes: 6 2.9%

Simple Poll: DD or NOT

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Just wondering how our forum members are driving their mustangs?

Feel free to share any other relevant info:
When do you put it into storage? How do you store it? And for how long?
If you're driving it year round, how do protect it from the elements? How often do you wash it? Undercoating? Winter tires or all seasons?

Anyways, I'll start. . . .
Driven April through November, rain or shine, but try to manage carpooling with wife in rain or bad weather. Garaged for the winter with Stabil, a battery tender, and over-inflated tires.
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Mine is sort of a daily driver. I work all over the country, so gone a lot of the time. I do drive it when I am home, year round but try to avoid driving it in the rain, and snow, forget about it. I have a 4x4 for that. As far as the rain, well, I have good all season tires on it, but I don't trust the others on the road, and I try to keep the car as clean as possible. (yeah, black, a pain to keep clean but I love it). Stays garaged 365 days out of the year. Washing depends on me being home. If I am home driving it, roughly once a week, sometimes more. I have been gone a lot lately, so honestly it has probably been a month since I last washed it, but it is just a little dusty right now, lol
Laughingdragon, St. Peters! I'm not too far from there!

As far as the poll question, I DD mine...rain/sleet/snow...its my only mode of transportation. I live in Apartments so no garage either...first world problems day it will be a different story.
I daily mine all year round.
I daily drive mine, year round, here in Massachusetts.

Why would anyone want to drive anything else?

I do work from home about 3 days/week, so there are some days that I don't actually drive anything anywhere . . . and in the winter, I will avoid driving when the weather is really crappy. But the pony has been out playing in the snow plenty of times, and likes it!
Laughingdragon, St. Peters! I'm not too far from there!
I am, currently in New Hampshire, lolgroucho.gif
I currently daily it in the winter months (in Vancouver, so not really winter), and it is in storage for the summer because I go home for the summer. When I move back home permanently, I was going to daily it year-round but then I picked up a Mazda3 so I guess garage during the winter.

Currently, I garage it every day and I have underground parking on campus. It very rarely sees outdoor lots or (gasp) street parking, although if I had to run errands, I just park it as best I can and deal with it. I don't spend hours looking for a perfect spot like I used to.

When I store it for the summer/Christmas, I pull the battery and bring it inside and either leave it on my smart charger or just leave it as is (and leave my RX-7's battery on the charger). Handbrake off, in gear, chalked up, windows cracked, tires pumped up, that's about it. I try to get someone to move the suspension a bit, but I'm usually not too worried about that.
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My mustang gets driven daily while my motorcycle retains garage queen status.
Daily driver. I live in the southeastern US so snow is a rarity, but there's no shortage of rain and I'm not adverse to the car getting wet.

At work I park on a quiet side street because our lot is tight; when I'm out in the wild I either park well away from other cars or find a roomy end space. At home we have one of those prefab metal carport thingies that's fully enclosed on the sides but open on both ends. Not as nice as a closed garage, but better than nothing.

The car gets washed and vacuumed about once a week, assuming the weather cooperates; oil is checked at least weekly; fluids and tires monthly; oil changes (full synthetic) at 5000 mile intervals; wiper blades and air filter changed annually; etc.

It's a great car, a fun car, a fast car; but in the end, it's just a car. When it wears out, I'll get another one.
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Mine is a daily driver.

Over 20,000 miles in about 21 months. :yelpleased:
Daily driver here. Live in southeast VA so it only snows a couple times per year. Wife is pregnant with our first and so we'll see how the car seat thing goes. Thankfully my wife's car is spacious and she wants me to keep my Stang.
Currently it's parked outside not being driven at all while it is being worked on to become road worthy. Then it will be a weekend car with occasional drive to work with the top down. Garage kept when it's completed with no snow/rain diriving (Hopefully).
Daily driver here. Took it down the shore fishing today. Had both my 9' St Croix rods, waders, tackle and cooler (small one though, damn trunk opening). I drive it to all my bike races as well, two bikes on the trailer hitch and packed with gear. I love this car even with all it's faults. If you keep it under 70 it gets great gas mileage.
It's a DD Hybrid
When there's sunshine it's on the road, when there's not I take my 4x4 beater. It's not out of commission in the winter.
My car turned into just a track car. Looking for a trailer now. I broke down last track event and thank goodness Vorshlag had the part I need and was at the track. So, no to all the above. I choose track car.
Daily driver rain, snow, ice, sunshine....doesn't matter. I'm out in it. Only vehicle I have.

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Use as DD in summer only from April or May depending on when snow melts, until November. Stored in winter in a storage garage with a cover. Only prep is full gas tank with Stabil and battery tender. Cranks right up in Spring and ready to go! Sad day this weekend, as I put her to bed.
Had planned on throwing on winter tires/wheels, but had an opportunity here at work to pick up a pretty clean Outback for winter duty, so the Mustang will be stored.

Actually tucked it away in my garage 11/1, plan on getting it out no later than 4/1.

Battery tender, full tank of fuel with Sta-Bil, and I'm good to go.
DD. I bought it to drive it! Picked up my '13 on November 11th, 2013. I should be rolling over 20k miles at the end of this week!
I checked Weekend Warrior solely because it's used a little more than a garage queen. I'm retired and I live Fl. also have another new car to use (see signature), but I use just about any excuse I can to take it out and let it do some heavy breathing. It comes out of the stable 3 or 4 times a week. saluting-us-flag.gif
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