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We have Sirius in our minivan. (Which by the way has much less orange peel then my 05 GT). We live on the Alabama gulf coast and we dont have any problems with reception. We back pretty far into the carport before it cuts off. Its an older model Sirius and is mounted on the back. We got it in Virginia and havnt noticed any difference in recepetion since moving here.
I want it for my car too. When you get Sirius you must listen to channel 27. Best easy listening.
While waxing my wheels yet again (The Pony commads me! :worship )
I found a big nail in my rear passanger Pirelli. A quick squirt of wheel cleaner and sure enough, a slow Psssss.... The dealer i bought it from will be "busy" for the rest of the week.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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