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SLP lm 1 or lm 2

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Hey, i got a 96 mustang gt.. I'm gettin Pypes o/r x pipe and i was wonderin if i should get lm 1's or lm 2's. I want my car to be pretty loud, but i also want it to sound good when im cruisin.

Thanks for any responses.
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i got lm1's and i like them ive heard you really cant tell the differnce btwn the two
dont go off road x with LM 1. I did that, dude it was retarded. it didnt sound good at all, i cudnt get on it. It sounded like an airplane, like a P-51 mustang lmfao. id go LM2 or like bassani catback or something
I got Hooker long tubes, bbk o/r x-pipe and STRAIGHTS and it sounds friggin awesome. Now it doesn't have the timeless flowmaster-mustang sound, like what I had b4 the straights, but at moderate throttle when it hits 3k rpms, the sound reverberates through the pipe and makes it sound like one bad old muscle-pony car. AND, if ya just drive it, then it's not much louder than the flowmasters in cabin. Outside the car is a different story though. Full throttle runs will get ya smiling, people looking, and neighbors running for the phones. so for my recomendation, go lm1's. No glasspacking like in the lm2's. So you can have a 125$ set of essentially straight pipes with the lm1's, or a 125$ set of Thrush glasspacks with the lm2's. I have friends that do inspections so I just went with straights. Heres a vid of lm1's with o/r h pipes. wait for him to exit the on ramp and you'll see what I mean by the reverberation. sounds just like mine for the most part.

YouTube - 2000 Mustang GT SLP Loudmouth 1 with Summit Catless H pipe
LM2>LM1 in my opinion
if u need slp id suggest getting lm2s. OR you can go with a mac true fit catback from my buddy dave L. at for a better price and damn good quality. Youll like the sound with o/r x.

The LM1 is very loud, but I think it breaks apart and crackles too much at WOT. I think you will be very happy with the o/r x and LM2.

I love my o/r prochamber and flows though.:D
Definitely go with the lm2, the lm1 has too much crackle. My lm2's sound sick I always get compliments from old guys to college kids.
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