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Sluggish off the line! HELP!

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ok, I have a 1968 Rebuilt 289ci with 302 heads, an edelbrock performer 289 intake with an edelbrock 600cfm 4brl carb, stock dizzy with new insides (still points). I changed my plugs which were really fouled, set my spark wires accord to chilton (two were in the wrong order). Im sitting at 15in of vacuum steady, carb vacuum tuned to highest vacuum possible. Im sitting at 8BTDC on my timing(max I can go before I get ping). it idles and starts up A LOT better with the new plugs and correct spark pattern, but from a dead stop, if I gas it hard it bogs down for about 5-8 seconds then picks up, its really bothering me because when I had the stock 2brl on there I NEVER had that problem, someone please point me in the right direction.

Thank you
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Even if your mixture is properly adjusted, you might not be getting enough fuel when you punch it -- this is probably the cause of it bogging down and may be the accelerator pump. I have the same carb. Here is what Edelbrock says in the owners manual (available online on the Eddy site):

If you encounter any hesitations or stumbles that do not seem to be related to the basic metering or have not responded to changes in the basic metering, move the pump drive link to one of the holes closer to the carburetor body. This will increase the stroke length of the plunger and result in more pump delivery.​

Good luck.
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