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Small scratch in my new paint! help?

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I have a small scratch in my new car!! bummer :nono: I mean it is not that noticeable, but I can definitely see it. My car is black....

Does anyone know of a good product to use? Will polish work or do I need to use something different. Any suggestions are welcome, but please speak from experience, I don't want to make my beauty look any worse.... Thank you in advance!
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Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0

I started to color sand my black GT convertible & was left with some small scratches that were just noticeable after polishing. Scratch X 2.0 removed these with no problems & gave a great shine to the panel.

Just as an FYI, my scratches were in the clearcoat only.
How can you tell if it is in the clearcoat only?
I'm a painter/bodyman ...

1. How deep is the scratch?
If you run your finger over it so the nail is on the paint and you can feel it NO sanding will work. If you can feel it it means you went through the clear coat and it needs to be repainted. Wet sanding will bring it down some so it will be less noticable but you won't remove it.

2. If you don't feel it there is a definate good chance it can be wet sanded out. Start with about 800 grit(nothing less)then go to 1500, 2000, 3000. Now keep this in mind. When wet sanding you are removing clearcoat, so the less sanding the better you are.

3. If you've never done this, I highly suggest you get some one who knows what they are doing. Black is a pain in the butt.
I had a scratch in mine on the decklid when i picked up mine and used Meguir's.
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