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smoke coming from filler neck an dipstick and left bank ! can you help ??

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i have a 87 mustang thats just a project i been messing with. the motor that was in the car was no good when i got it. i just put in a for explorer motor abut 3 weeks ago an converted it to mass air an put a tfs 1 cam in . seem to run very well up until now. i swear i hear a knock on the bottom end an i have smoke coming out of the filler neck dipstick an left exhaust pipe. i pulled the pcv off an it smokes alot. the motor has 130.000 on it i did put new oil pump timming chain before i put it in the car... i did some upgrades to it but i dont think it would have hurt the motor.

so dose anyone know what might be wrong with it ? any help woud be great to have thanks
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I hope you have checked for valve-piston clearance before installing the new cam. What kind of smoke comes out of the dipstick tube? Is it from coolant or is oil mist? Your problem could be also leaking gasket.

For the noise from the bottom end, it sounds like crankshaft bearing.

Check also the appearance of the spark plug electrodes on the LH cylinder head. That could tell you a lot.
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compression test and leakdown test will tell you a lot.
If you have smoke on one side only and a knock is may have a broken ring. The knock could be one of the pistons has collapsed due to the bad ring. Like Dude said do a compression and leak test. That will eliminate the ring or possible valve problem.
i didnt check the clearance there but a friend of mine told me that the trick flow cam would be alright for the motor. its got the gt40 p heads an gt 40 intake. i was planing on upgrading the valve springs but didnt get the chance. the night before i did run it kinda hard but seem fine when i got home .. its not a head gasket my oil is still good. it still seems like it runs ok but i know something is wrong
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it still seems like it runs ok but i know something is wrong
If you want to find out what is going on, then YOU have to do some diagnostic work.
Do you have access to compression and leakdown test gear?
NUMBER 8 plug was full of oil an has no compression
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