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SMokEd a Turbo Diesel

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Sorry but had to do it.
Pulled up to a light in which my lane ended just after the intersection.
I was right next to 04 F-350 Turbo Diesel.
Then this guy creeps light and jams on it.
Black smoke everywhere.
He jumped about one second before the green.
So not wanting to get stuck waiting for the line of cars behind him to let me over (and to not let a truck stomp me) I jammed it to half throttle and took off.
He had 1/2 the length of that long crew cab on me and a 2 second jump on the throttle reaction time (I waited for the Green).
Smoked his big black smokin behind before we crossed the intersection.
Some peoples kids... Go figure.
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Yeah I saw something about STS on 2 Guys Garage one day. I was thoroughly convinced that they're crazy mounting a turbo so close to the gas tank and there would be ridiculous turbo lag also. From the videos I saw on the website, there doesn't seem to be much lag at all. The wheels are turning now.....
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