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SN95.0 PROJECT, Harness Help

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Hey there, as you can tell I'm new to here. I wont bother you with telling you about me, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

i have a 1992 BMW 325I sedan, i also have a 1995 SN95.0, with 32k original :)

you see where im getting with this? good.

Engine is installed
Transmission installed
Drive shaft chopped
now hydraulic slave

what im stuck on is simple, yet terrible.

i need the harness obviously, just how much can i thin out?? id rather not run all 40lbs of harness, i was curious if these were anything like the nissans, where you hack everything out and just run the MAF directly to the ecu??

delete the EEC and such, basically just ecu and necessary wiring, my issue is i dont know what these 5.0s find necessary!!!

any advice help or diagrams would be greatly helpful!!!!
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Heres your source for 86-93 Foxbody & 94-95 SN95 wiring diagrams + other useful info.

Mustang FAQ - Wiring & Engine Info
If you have to pass emissions tests and/or youre still running the factory catalytic converters,the smog system components need to stay on the car.Most guys tend to remove the smog components,egr components & the evap components(charcoal canister,purge valve) However,if youve still got cats in place,they need fresh air from the smog pump in order to work.If the cats are ran without this air,they'll get clogged within a short amount of time.
The egr system actually helps your car more than it hurts it.The ecu leans the fuel mixture & advances timing when the egr valve is functioning.It lowers combustion chamber temps which reduces the chance for detonation.
If you remove the purge valve & charcoal canister,youll smell gas fumes constantly because the vacuum hose you removed from the canister will be venting fuel vapors into the atmosphere.That vacuum hose cannot be plugged because thats how the fuel tank is vented,out of this hose.
im more looking to remove the bulk of this harness
Oh I see.Unfortunately Im not very savvy with the EECV system.The EECIV system,on the Foxbody,is easier to remove things from & it not cause driveability issues or a check engine light.Some components (i.e.-egr valve & harness)can be removed from the engine then turned off in the ECU by a tuner,so driveability issues wont start & the cel wont come on.When you say EEC,are you referring to the EEC relay?? If yes,you need to keep the EEC relay.If you were to remove the ccrm from the car,you'd still have to wire all of its relays up seperately for the car to start & run.I believe the ccrm was added to the 94-95 models so that all of the relays would be located in one spot,instead of having the fuel pump relay under the seat,the eec relay behind the kick panel,etc etc.

as for emissions this is a track car thankfully!!!
If thats a stock 94-95 fuel rail in your picture,the springlock fitting (towards the front) that doesnt have a hose attached is the fuel Supply/Feed line.The fitting that has the rubber hose attached is the Return line.It doesnt even look like your fuel rail has the hose that runs from the passenger rail to the driver rail,unless its just because of how the picture was taken.A stock 94-95 Mustang fuel rail should look identical to the rail in the picture below.Does your rail match the picture??


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