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SN95.0 PROJECT, Harness Help

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Hey there, as you can tell I'm new to here. I wont bother you with telling you about me, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

i have a 1992 BMW 325I sedan, i also have a 1995 SN95.0, with 32k original :)

you see where im getting with this? good.

Engine is installed
Transmission installed
Drive shaft chopped
now hydraulic slave

what im stuck on is simple, yet terrible.

i need the harness obviously, just how much can i thin out?? id rather not run all 40lbs of harness, i was curious if these were anything like the nissans, where you hack everything out and just run the MAF directly to the ecu??

delete the EEC and such, basically just ecu and necessary wiring, my issue is i dont know what these 5.0s find necessary!!!

any advice help or diagrams would be greatly helpful!!!!
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Awesome! i have that site! im more curious if i could delete the CCRM and such... and wire the ecu direct to the maf and things like that..

if i directly connected these instead of the ccrm an other things

im more looking to remove the bulk of this harness
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as for emissions this is a track car thankfully!!!
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