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Snapping/popping noise from front of car when stopping 2011 - GT - Auto

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When braking from low speeds I am getting a fairly loud pop or snap sound from the front of the car, it may actaully be from the brakes but I am not sure.

I can reproduce it fairly easily in a parking lot as it happens at very low speeds <5mph.

Anyone else hear this?
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My car has been fine so far!

If i were you i'd take it to the dealer ASAP!
Standard brake package, or the Brembo package?
Standard brake package, or the Brembo package?
Standard brake package
Check your lug nut torque.
I just got mine tonight, I heard a similar noise but mine does it when down shifting Only 143 miles on it so far, I know there will be things that will need to be broken in so I am going to wait and let everything settle!
143 miles in the first day? Wow, I still only have 56 on mine. Dang weather. The stang doesn't leave the garage when there is a chance of rain, which has been daily here since the first tropical storm.
I now think this is in the suspension and not brake related.

Brakes are perfect when slamming them 100 plus to make an exit off the highway.

I notice if I hit the gas hard and make the rear squat at low speeds when I hit the brake and make the front dive I get the sound.

I can do it over and over pretty much.
It almost sounds like a spring popping into place or something.
I've got a small, sharp tapping in the steering wheel and pedals when going over any sort of bump. Been there since the day I picked it up. You can feel it at really low speed too. My parents 2010 does not have any sort of tapping. Dealer doesn't have a fix and didn't seem to willing to diagnose it. They just checked to make sure everything was tight. (They did verify the tapping). I'm taking it to another dealer to see if I get better service later this week.
I think mustangs often make weird various noises even when everythings in perfect working orde. It's irritating yes but they are not engineered to be 50k plus BMWs.

It's hard because it's almost impossible for the average Joe to discern a benign noise from a problem thar needs fixing.

Heck, I think the average tech at the dealer service center had trouble telling the diff.
lol yea, I did not put all those miles in it in one day, the car had 39miles once delivery was taken then dealer drove it down to my house to sign for car. So I would drive you crazy now lol I have 357 miles in just 3 days lol!
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