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snow tires - need all 4 or just 2?

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My wife will be driving her 2013 deep impact blue Mustang GT year 'round (but only about 6,000 miles per year). It has the Brembo package with the Eagle F1 Supercar tires which are great in warm, dry weather but treacherous in the cold. I like the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 snow tires, but the 255/40R-19 Blizzaks cost $625 for two (including mounting and balancing and state tax). I'd really like to avoid spending $1250 for four if at all possible and just buy two for the rear drive axle. Does her Mustang GT really need snow tires on the front as well as the back?
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Being able to stop and turn are higher on my priorities list than just accelerating. I'd say go with all 4.
Being able to stop and turn are higher on my priorities list than just accelerating. I'd say go with all 4.
Ditto. If you want to be able to stop and steer and not just accelerate then you need 4. Hell, if you really don't want to buy four then I would suggest putting the 2 snow tires on the front.
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Just having them on the back is a bad idea. Think about what's going to happen when she tries to make a turn in snow/on ice...wheels will turn, but car will probably not follow.

I'd recommend all 4 corners. Maybe find a set that's a little bit cheaper? I had a set of WS-50's on my Evo. The car was okay with all seasons being AWD...but the Blizzak's made it unbelievable in the snow/ice. Tires made way more of a difference than having AWD. And given how much you say she drives it, the tires will last several seasons.
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I'd even think about a cheap set of 18" and run a narrower but same dia tire on all four. You did say they were "treacherous in the cold" which to me means not good for steering.
no, just on the back would be dumb. You could start going, but not stop or turn.
I lived in Minnesota for 55 years,and if it was me I would buy 4 jackstands and put the car away for the winter,put the snow tire money away for a winter beater.PS,I feel your pain I retired to SOUTH Florida had enough winter.
4...if you want to stop.
Find an 18" rim that will fit and do that with cheaper snow tires. Cost for my wife's 19" tires would have been $100+ more per tire vs the 18"s, so buying the wheels was a no brainer. I got new rims (MOTEGI-MR12088512745 MR120 18x8.5, 5x4.5 OS:45mm BS: 6.52in - Satin Black) and tires (235/50R18 Dunlop Graspic DS-3) for $1250 with lugs and centering rings.

Now replacement tires every 5 years or so will be $650 or so vs a grand for the 19" cheapest tire I can find on tire rack.

Your BBP may destroy this idea though...
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Go with all 4 for sure, and buying steelies or cheap alloys is the way to go too. You can probably fit smaller diameter rims on the back for cheaper tires, just make sure the outside diameter is the same. 1 inch smaller on the back could save a fair amount of cash.
I have the Brembo package on my '11. 19" Blizzaks were going to cost me $1,100. The guy at Discount tire suggest an 18" wheel/tire package...which I thought would cost even MORE...and it was more, but only by $100.

So for about $1,200 out the door I got another set of wheels/tires for winter that I could pop on/off at will. need 4 snow tires.

If there was a steelie option on the Mustang, I'd get it....but there isn't (especially for big brake cars), and that sucks.

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Another good thing about buying an 18" wheel package could be putting drag radials on 2 of them in the summer if you were tracking.
All four is the only way. I had the Continental Extremes mounted on SVT track pack black wheels. Much easier in the long run than having them mounted each winter.

Go all four. If you have summer tires up front, your car is going to have a "split personality."
I usually have 19" on my GT/CS, but because of cost, I bought new 18" rims for my winters. Even with buying new rims, I saved a couple hundred by going down to the 18". Plus, if you happen to slide into something, you won't scratch your main rims.

But yes, definitely all 4. Honestly, my Mustang handles better on the road than most other beater cars during the winter in IA (that I've come across at least).
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g paul there is an article in automobile magazine this month.
with pirellis, it took like 200 more feet to stop then the snow tires.
i dont have it in front of me.. but if you want facts and pics of a mustang not stopping in snow, check it out. hope this helps.
it depends on two things:

1. How much you love her.

2. How much life insurance you have on her.
it depends on two things:

1. How much you love her.

2. How much life insurance you have on her.
^ Now that's funny! :laugh:
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No offence, but you have to be pretty dumb to only use 2 winters.
Funny how things change in life according to so called experts!
For years & years 2 snows was just fine for rear wheel drive in winters.
I had a 1978 Firebird that I only used 2 snows & car was FLAWLESS!
What has changed thru the years that rear wheel cars now need 4 snows?
Yes I have used 4 snows with my last 3 cars and they were great in the snow.
But I cannot say these 3 cars were any better then my cars from 70's & 80's with 2 snows.
I plan to give it a try & I bet I will drive just BEAUTIFUL in the snow with 2 snows if I drive in snow?
Yes snow tires are Important But I believe driver experience for years & years is more IMPORTANT :bigthumbsup
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