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So I wrecked my car

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April Fools! :winks :jester:
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Not even:nono::nono::nono:
Not even:nono::nono::nono:
No kidding. I decided to check this forum before bed. Since I checked this on my cell phone, there was a good 20-30 second load time (the thing gets 80+ kb/sec download, but takes forever to process the data). Now, along with that, I've had a few ROOT beers my mind was just going in all directions about this one.

Tsk tsk. :nono::nono::nono:

At the same time, it's kinda funny knowing it is an April Fool's joke, and that every 05+ member on this forum is going to miss a few heartbeats when they read the titile.:scratchchin
You know, I can't afford to have my heart skip beats...:nono::D

WOW, I forgot today was April Fools LOL
Very funny... You got me. :laugh:
Have a nice day. But you do ----!:D
That reminds me...

I was going to call my brother and convince him that i needed him to come down to the Toyota dealership to cosign on the brand new tC that I just traded the stang for... :D

Enjoy it guys, its the one day of the year that we're allowed to be fools. :gringreen
Lol. To quote the guy from the Geico Caveman commercials... "NOT COOL!!"

Got me too.:bigthumbsup
You're a funny guy!
All the responses gave me a good chuckle this morning, thanks everyone!
All the responses gave me a good chuckle this morning, thanks everyone!

Don't ever do that again!

I didn't even think about it being April Fool's and my wife called about 10 minutes ago and said she ran a curb in Kate (our 06) and busted the front passenger rim. She had tears whipped up and everything. I was glad she was ok but still trying to process the info when she let me off the hook. She is cruel.

Both of you need to stop your evil ways.
:bigthumbsup Good one Stoenr
I already responded to this but I gotta tell ya. I have been bending over backwards to try and get a vette. Problem is I just do not have the money and I would have to borrow for the vette, because I do not want to get rid of the mustang. Going out to dinner last night my wife said to me out of the blue.... I know you want this vette real bad, but do not sell Ernie, ( thats my mustang) we will finance the vette somehow.. She then says Ernie stays you would be lost without him. And when I saw the thread from Stoener this am my heart just got empty and I knew the mustang was staying. And then I open the thread up and.... Anyway I just had to say this. The older I get the more of a child I become, what the hell?:headscratch:
haha so that is what it feels like for my heart to stop....thanks for that lovely experiance.
chuck norris' calender goes from march 31st to april 2nd, nobody fools chuck norris. haha i figured it was appropriate to put that in here. good/evil joke stoenr
The best april fools joke was back in 10th grade. a bunch of guys whipped up a plan. Mike and John were going to be arguing all day long and harassing each other. Then it started to get really nasty between the two of them. then Mike had finally had enough and punched John right in the mouth!!! he fell to the floor in pain and blodd started coming out of his mouth. The teacher just started laughing because she didn't like either of the kids (she didn't realize it was a prank yet) and then the guy on the floor just rolls over and says "This thing tastes like POO!!!" he had a blood capsule and everything. i didn't know about it so i just thought it was the neatest prank ever pulled in my school.
You STINK! Your rotten I would have been sick for you! LOL Funny funny funny guy! LOL Have a great day!
Ha, ha, ha.........

You beat me to it :D! I love April fools day.....time to go find some unsuspecting friends :bigthumbsup

Have a great day everyone!
Got me also, seeing the title.
*******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'll let you figure it out) :hihi:
Your prank wouldn't have worked on us, if every few days recently one AFM member or another hadn't been posting up a true horror story of having his Mustang either hit or vandalized. Thus enabling you to prey on our compassion. (I still feel sorry for Nyt_Muves).
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