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SoCal Mustang shop...

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Not sure if I am looking in the place...

Recenlty decided to stop going to the performance shop I was going to. (long story)

I am looking for a new shop I can go to in Los Angeles area. Pref. close to Burbank. I need people who know Mustangs really well. Anyone in SoCal who knows a good shop I can start going to? THanks in advance!

P.S. I was thinking about X2C Motorsports but they closed down recently.
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where mustangs unlimited located at? i'd would go there.........
818 883 8836 and speak with Sean (extreme mustang)..he is a personal friend of mine,did my blower and also does all of Votech/paxtons special projects,GMS projects,steeda and saleen stuff.In hse dyno and tuning etc..He does it all .He is over in Canoga park (20 min) from you or so..Tell him Chris from Banks referred you so you will get taken care of on the best pricing for anything you want done!

THanks Chris, just got off the phone with Sean and he is great man. I made an appt for a dyno run for next tuesday.

Thanks again!
No problem...Glad to help!..he will treat you right..I see you have the stripes from stickercity...andy is a great guy.he used my car for their website to display the tinted covers.B&D giving you problems huh?..I have heard horror stories about those guys!
haha thats funny man...B&D? not treating me very well man, been dealing with Brian for 5 or 6 years and sheesh...I do not know how I did it. Anyhow, you know Andy! That guy is cool as hell. I think they threw some pics of my stang on the website also. I have a liquor store in Studio City called Ringside liquor @ corner of Whitsett and Moorpark. Come visit man! I am there 7 days a week from 3pm-11pm.
NICE..I'll be sure to stop in next time I am in the area.:wavey
I live in LA as well and took SUBZERO advice and had Sean do my mods. He does great work that you will be very happy with. I'll stop by your store next time I'm in the area and we'll check out each others rides. Don't forget that it's Musangs at the Peterson this Sunday.
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