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solid vs roller solid cam

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out of all the modifications ive done to my stang, i havent ever had a 'new' cam.. so my question is simple. i got a lunati .548 its not a roller cam, but when i put the roller rockers in the gap between the cam and rocker is a more appropriate distance, i bought a new set of factory rockers that seem to be loose, as in i can simply push them off... what should i do? and what happens if i run my rollers on that cam?
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You have to be careful with that. On small cams it may not be an issue. but the ratio on the roller followers is higher than that of the slider follower. On a slider cam, where the valve lift specs on the cam card are just shy of coil bind, adding roller followers could easily push that number over into coil bind range.

As with anything related to "building" a motor rather than just "assembling" one, it pays to check, check, and check again before you button it up. Proper valvetrain geometry is essential for engine longevity and power production.
Which do you need? Slider follower or early (circa '91) Roller follower? I'm sure I have both. Actually, if there's a difference in roller follower ratios, I'd imagine the change would have happened around the same time as the valve stem change so I definitely could help out in that respect. Somewhere in my pile of parts I intend to use is a complete set of the cast roller followers for the big stem (pre-'96?) valves.

In my notebook of 2.3L fun facts that seems to have disappeared in the last two moves, I had the follower ratios for both the slider and the early roller pieces. Still pisses me off that I can't find that book.

I didn't know about the TF exile. I'm sure the sleep you lost over it can only be measured in seconds.

P.S. I vaguely remember pointing out the higher ratio to someone on a forum somewhere when the subject of stock roller cam lobe lifts came up. Seems everyone was up in arms that the hallowed Ranger Roller had smaller lobes than the stock slider N/A and Turbo cams. The difference and a little more was made up with the followers.
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The late roller followers are stamped steel right? Like smog-era Windsors. I know the early ones are cast based on what I have in my motor and in my parts bin.

I don't recall the exact number, but the sliders come in somewhere around 1.4 or 1.5 if memory serves.

Bottom line, as far as lobe lift goes, They all come in relatively close. Next myth to bust would be duration and LSA. then again, they're stock cams. Is the puzzle worth solving?
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