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solid vs roller solid cam

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out of all the modifications ive done to my stang, i havent ever had a 'new' cam.. so my question is simple. i got a lunati .548 its not a roller cam, but when i put the roller rockers in the gap between the cam and rocker is a more appropriate distance, i bought a new set of factory rockers that seem to be loose, as in i can simply push them off... what should i do? and what happens if i run my rollers on that cam?
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Personally i do not understand the QUESTION!!! But i have used roller followers on a slider cam many times . Peace Tom
Ok i do it all the time. Some people think i am nuts but it works just FINE. I actually did it as a BET. I installes a set of roller sliders in my sisters Drop top stng years ago on a slider cam . Its still working FINE. Who knows maybe i started a trend. peace Tom
BIG C yes their seems to be a discrepency in the slider ratios from the early and late RR cams. Before they threw me off TF we were having a discussion about this. I researched it with a ford buddy of mine and it pans out. Apparrantly the early Ranger Roller(RR) has a bigger ratio. Personally i cant find an early rocker to compair it to a newer one. Ford says the early higher rocker with the higher ratio is OBSOLETE. it has me stumped to be HONEST. But you do point out a very good thing. Always check valve Geometery. That is a given. Actually my sisters stang was being buttoned up and i only had 5 slider rockers in the shop. I never usually use them or the cams. But her car had a slider cam and i had no rockers other than a set of late RR ones. So i installed them and they have been in her car ever since. I really never collected on that bet.So when i go to work today i am going to settle up with Burt????? Peace Tom
DUDE i lost about 30 seconds of SLEEP that night. Yes BIG C i think you are correct. The early RR has a bigger ratio. And the later has a smaller ratio. But all the new stuff uses the late roller rockers. I am going to look through my notes and post it. I do not have any early roller rockers but i do have late ones. Peace Tom

Found this?????

1995-2000 2.3L and 2.5L specs
Lobe Lift
Intake 0.2163
Exhaust 0.2163
Rocker arm (cam follower) ratio 1.86:1
Theoretical Valve Lift @ Zero Lash
Intake 0.402
Exhaust 0.402
1992-1994 2.3L specs Lobe Lift
Intake 0.2381
Exhaust 0.2381
Rocker arm (cam follower) ratio 1.64:1
Theoretical Valve Lift @ Zero Lash
Intake 0.390
Exhaust 0.390

NOTE the difference in follower ratio????? I tell you i am stumped on this one. Even the KNOW it alls on TF were stumped by this posting by FORD????? I am all ears on this one. This one has me a little confused.
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