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Solo Performance EcoBoost Exhaust Kits on Pre-sale Now For A Short Time Only

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You heard correctly…Solo Performance is proud to introduce its new Mustang EcoBoost exhaust kits to the Mustang world! We have 3 options currently available. Pre-sale pricing is for the first 10 kits only. Kits and pricing are listed below:

Axle Back Kit: $350 pre-sale with free shipping to continental US

Catback Kit: $450 pre-sale with free shipping to continental US

All kits are 100% bolt on and drone-free. Please contact me at 516-655-9002 or at [email protected] to place an order. Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you!

The sound is incredible and the kit comes with 4.5" round tips with an inner bevel. The kit is 100% stainless steel as well. Take a listen for yourself:)
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Just FYI, this is for the coupe only. This will not fit the convertible. We are working on the convertible now.
Presale will end this Sunday at midnight. Call now to get yours at nearly 50% off presale. You can reach me anytime at 516-655-9002. Thanks:)
Presale ends tonight at midnight. You can call me until midnight tonight est at 516-655-9002 to get your last minute orders in. Thanks:)

We now have the kits on group buy at 15% off the listed retail prices below:

Axle Back- $459.23

Cat-Back- $789.23

Turbo Back- $1299.23

Call me anytime at 516-655-9002 to place an order and get 155 off the above prices. Thanks so much for the support!

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