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Some pics of my 2007 GT/CS

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Here are a few shots of my Blu-Pony with my new Cold Air filter i installed yesturday.

Hope you like!

Thats all. Thanks!
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You have a couple options when you are looking at a SCT tuner. You can get it from the auto mart (or any other vendor including myself) with a tune already on it from SCT, or you can get a tune custom made for your car preloaded on the SCT from me.

The major difference you need to keep in mind here is if you buy from the auto mart odds are they will be no help if you have problems or questions. They don't deal with them every day and usually don't even know how to use them like we do.

Do you want to trust your car to a guy who has never tuned a car like yours or to someone who does it every day?

Great looking car BTW. :bigthumbsup
If i buy a sctx3 at a local auto mart does a tune come on it as if i bought it on-line or do i just then plug in it and program the tune on my own and do i pay for the tune also once i own it??

Sorry just not totally sure so i will ask the pro's here!!

Your right, every car is a little different and that's why a Dyno tune is usually the best option but not everyone can get to a GOOD tuning shop.
In that case we pull information from all of the cars we have tuned here to make the best tune possible for your car. For 9 out of 10 customers this method works perfectly.

For that 10th customer next step beyond that (usually used on high strung cars) is to go out and data log with our tune on your car. Once you have done that, send us the data log. We can study that and make changes based on what we see your car doing.

Right now we are selling an X3 with a custom tune for $329.
What do you charge for what i am looking for and how do you get my specs. without my actual car there? Isn't every car different even when similar?
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