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Some questions for you all!

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I am really stumped on what I want to do with my car. My first thoughts were to have BBK L/T's, BBK X pipe, Magnaflow magnapacks, rebuilt rearend w/ 3.73 gears, 75mm T/B, procharger, etc, etc and be running close to 400rwhp. I figure I would have close to 10 grand invested over a years time.

So my mind wonders all day if I should do that setup or go larger. So I start looking into my other options and started gathering info from some pros and come up with this ( Keep in mind this is by far a larger project and would take 2 years to complete paying cash and not using credit)

5.0 Stroker Short block for 2v with :
-New Windsor block
-Custom steel stroker crank
-Clevite racing bearings
-ARP main studs
-Oliver Billet rods with ARP 2000
-custom spherical dish .020 over JE pistons with file
to fit rings
-all of this zero balanced
-all machine work done to block
-professionally assembled
-SFI balancer
-ARP head studs
-Canton 9 QT pan w/windage tray
-full gasket kit
-head kit
-full port and polish
-five angle valve job
-stainless steel over sized valves
-dual behive valve springs
-billet cores cam

I figure this with a rearend rebuild would take up most of my funds for 2006.

So for 2007 would look something like this:

-03-04 Cobra gas tank
-03-04 Cobra fuel pump assembly
-upgraded wiring kit
-Upgraded fuel pumps
-Upgraded fuel line kit
-CPR Fuel rail kit for returnless
-60lb injectors

-full D&D tubular front suspension
-coil over kit
-cc plates
-76GTS Turbo kit
-Greddy blow off valve
-all ceramic coated
-Turbo smart gate
-Turbo smart E-manage electronic boost controller

and some other misc. suspenion stuff. If I needed another tranny or whatever else would have to wait because I would be broke at this point.

So I should I throw the s/c on and be done with it or should I go the turbo route and wait it out? And what kinda numbers would the motor put out by itself considering it would be a year before the turbo went on?
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I really wouldn't do the stroker kit, they aren't all they've cracked up to be. These engines already have a long stroke and a stroker kit will only make it longer. Other than that, a turbo kit sounds like loads of fun if you're going to put it on the track a lot. If not, I'd go with a positive displacement supercharger.

Have you ever thought of saving al this money and trading your stang in for a 2003 Cobra? I just say: EATON M112 -> loooots very powerful mods possible.
Yes I have. Then I thought I could spend what a cobra cost on my GT and make almost 2x the power.
engineer76 said:

Have you ever thought of saving al this money and trading your stang in for a 2003 Cobra? I just say: EATON M112 -> loooots very powerful mods possible.
I have almost everything you mentioned, except that i use a F1 Intercooled Procharger.
Total investment has been probably over 30 grand, the list of mods is huge and there are still issues to be solved.

So the Cobra idea is really good, with the KB swap 03-04 Cobras get 600+ HP, not that bad, and you already have the strong internals and a reliable, it will be a collectible, easier to sell even with the mods.

Anyway..back to your idea in case you want to go ahead with it:

- My GT has a DSS stroker kit (everything forged), the original block was used, zero problems so far. Heads are ported PIs, Cams are SHM, intake is Foxlake P51, BBK TB, SCT 90mm MAF.

Engine is pretty strong, my guess is that it makes around 350+ FWHP without boost, but it is hard to tell without a dyno test.

Fuel is delivered by two 03 Cobra pumps, tank has sump, fuel lines and fuel rails upgraded, injectors are 60lbs.

Foced induction using a 3 core race intercooler, F1 Procharger with a custom 8 rib setup and ATI race bypass valve.

Now for the numbers: 625 RWHP when running with small pulley and close to 20 psi of boost (still needs tuning).
512 RWHP using larger pulley, around 12 psi. (current setup)

So...if you use a Turbo setup...i think you will be over 700 RWHP.. and then you will need more cash to make it last :)

The nice thing about Turbos is that you can easily change the boost levels, turn a knob and you are set.
Agree about not getting stroked. I really like what I've heard about DSS. I want a Pro Mod 4.6 from them, just look at the specs for the money. But by the time you add in all the extra stuff you coulf get a cherry Cobra and add A kb and be done. The GT would be a sleeper though.....
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