The most valuable Fox Body Ford Mustangs ever sold have barely broken into the six figures, trading hands for less than $150,000. So what's the most expensive Fox Body Ford ever listed for sale? Would you believe it's a 1984 LTD Wagon? Well, the asking price on this one has the seller taking offers starting from $2.3 million.

Yes, you read that correctly, and no, this isn't some sort of incident of Barret Jackson and Bring a Trailer combining into a competition of obscure trim level and option pack, or even a celebrity owner. This non-running wagon, up for sale at a Ford dealer in Germany, even comes with a 3.8L V6.

What's the allure, then? It was hand-painted by Tanzanian Artist George Lilanga back in 1996. The car, listed for sale on and spotted by The Drive, reportedly came to be when the owner of the car asked the painter to turn his white Ford into a work of art in exchange for a free stay at the hotel. Lilanga agreed, and took to the steel canvas, joined by artist Poni Yengi who filled in the hood.

If you're not familiar with Lilanga (we weren't), he was a contemporary artist from East Africa, considered one of that area's most influential artists. Representing his Makonde heritage through vibrant colors and showing mythical figures known as Shetani. This is the only car he's ever painted, and the hood is signed and dated.

There aren't many works of art that can roll into a museum, and while we certainly see the artistic appeal of this one, it's a little on the large (and expensive) side for our offices.