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Spark plug clearance for 2002 GT? And camshaft upgrade question?

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So i cant seem to find the clearance for the spark plugs for my 2002 GT, I was hoping one of you all would know?

And i was thinking of upgrading my camshaft to a stage 1 or stage 2 camshaft. If i we're to do this would i need to get new cam gears as well, And dyno tune the car?
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Clearance.... You mean gap?

If so, oem recommended gap is .054" (.052 - .056). I like to set mine a little closer though, at about .046" - .048".

Not sure on the cam gears question, but you should definitely plan on upgrading the valve springs. As far a tuning, an actual dyno tune is best but you can get away with an email tune. And if you really want to go crazy and do things right, a set of 24# injectors (not mandatory, but the slight upgrade will keep from getting to close to the max duty cycle of the stock 21#'ers).
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