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Sparkplug question

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Have a stock '94 5.0. Bought cap/rotor, plugs and wires today from the local parts shack. They gave me Autolite 764s. Now I read these are the plugs for the GT40 heads.

Can I use these plugs in my stock heads, or do I have to return them and get the correct plugs?

Thanks in advance

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5SpeedGT said:
Okay, here's the deal. '86GT's, and '93-'95 Cobra's use Motrocraft AGSF32C or Autolite 764.
'79-'84, and '87-'95 GT's (or any with H.O. 5.0's) use Motorcraft AWSF32C or Autolite 25's.

Using the longer AG series plug in an H.O. motor is asking for piston to plug contact, not to mention it will run like crap.

Using the shorter AW plug in a Cobra or othe GT40 style head means the tip will not stivk far enough into the chamber.
ASF42C = D8OE, D9AE, E5AE, E5TE, and E7TE heads
AWSF44C = E6SE heads
AWSF32C = F1ZE, F3ZE, and F4ZE (GT40) heads
AGSF32C = F77E (GT40P) heads
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