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Speakers/wiring in 1966 mustang not working?

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Just replaced my speakers in my mustang with kicker 6x9's in the rear. The amp, sub, head unit still work, but I am not getting anything out of my speakers now. They worked for 2 days and then just went out and now I am not getting any power to the wires or anything. Any suggestions ?

Alpine head unit
Alpine 12" sub
500w Alpine Amp
Kicker KS 6x9 Speakers
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Exactly how is your set up run? Only 6x9s in the rear? How do you know the headunit still works? As in, not just powers up, but sends a signal. How did you measure the power in the speaker wires? An audio signal is not constant voltage, and it's AC current. Set your voltmeter to the lowest AC voltage setting, crank the stereo up, and measure voltage through the speaker wires. It will fluctuate but you should get several volts. If you're not getting any voltage through the speaker wire, make sure they are still connected tight at the head unit, and if that checks out then the amp in your head unit is probably bad.

Just to be sure you can test your speakers too. There's two tricks to doing this...touch a 9V battery to the connections and you should hear a clicking sound through the speaker if it is still good. Alternatively, you can test the continuity with an ohmeter. If the speaker is good you should have 4 or 8 ohms, depending on what your speaker is rated at.
It will not be exactly 4 or 8, it will probably read a little higher. Back when I was a pro sound engineer this is how we tested speakers in the field when setting up for a large concert or festival. Always carried a 9V battery in my toolkit too.

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