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Special parking spots for people who care

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I think its time stores reserve a few spots in the back of the lot for people who care about getting thier car doors dinged and what not. Just take 5 spots or so, the ones way back that never get used, and put up a rail or something on each side so your neighbor cant swing his door against yours. Not that he would while parking in the no door ding zone anyway.
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There's not much that can be done

Ladies and gentlemen,

Just remember that 50% of the world's population are 'mouth breathers' (if you know what I mean), or below average in mental capacity. You can do what you can in attempting to prevent clueless, non-thinking, people from mindlessly knocking their doors into your car, but it's never enough. Then in the mix of cluelessness, comes the vindictive 'I don't give a crap' people who out of jelousy, will go out of their way to inflict damage upon your car because of any minor efforts you may have made to avoid them.

I always try to stay low key. Luckily, my pony is not a daily driver. When I have to park her in a lot, I find spots where no one else can park next to it. I won't take two spots and I won't park on the edge of the lot either. I sort of like those magnetic guards; but, I see two problems: The guards may eventually put fine scratches into the clearcoat and two, they're like a bullseye for those looking to prove a point that they don't work.

Keep a St. Christofer medal (patron saint and protector of drivers) in your car. Make sure you have it blessed by your local priest. That's about all you can do.
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