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Special parking spots for people who care

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I think its time stores reserve a few spots in the back of the lot for people who care about getting thier car doors dinged and what not. Just take 5 spots or so, the ones way back that never get used, and put up a rail or something on each side so your neighbor cant swing his door against yours. Not that he would while parking in the no door ding zone anyway.
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Umm. sure... Some people may care, but what about little kids and the oops, I didn't mean to do that. I was at the dentist office one day when a mom and son "team" went out to get in their Durango and the little kid swung the door open and bam, a big dinger in the car door. Hindsight, I should have got out and spoke with the mom, but she had no clue what just happened. I say if you are gonna take the baby to the store park way out away from civilization and walk, otherwise park and accept the fact that your baby may have a nice shiner upon your return.
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