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Special parking spots for people who care

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I think its time stores reserve a few spots in the back of the lot for people who care about getting thier car doors dinged and what not. Just take 5 spots or so, the ones way back that never get used, and put up a rail or something on each side so your neighbor cant swing his door against yours. Not that he would while parking in the no door ding zone anyway.
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Parking away from civilization was working well for me until last week at work. Apparently a mother and her small children thought the grass in front of my car was a great place to have a little picnic. Not to mention that really weren't that many other cars in the parking lot either. As I'm taking the long hike to my car I see this little 2 yr old touching my car and I'm thinking, oh, okay...wait, I won't even touch my car like that. And that is when it happened. The kid starts trying to climb up on my hood. WTF? I really wished I had hit the panic button, that would have been hilarious.
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