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Special parking spots for people who care

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I think its time stores reserve a few spots in the back of the lot for people who care about getting thier car doors dinged and what not. Just take 5 spots or so, the ones way back that never get used, and put up a rail or something on each side so your neighbor cant swing his door against yours. Not that he would while parking in the no door ding zone anyway.
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Crazy001 said:
That's kind of a cool idea, but there are a few problems with that. First of all, who pays to put these in? Second, doesn't everyone, to some degree, care about their car?

Also, dinging someone's door is illegal....vandalism! Wouldn't that condone that type of thing in the other spots if there was a certain zone you SHOULDN't do it?

That being said, I would like such a spot to park MY baby in when I go to the store! Bought 1/10/05 and THANKFULLY dingless!!!:happyhapp
Yeah I was just kinda rambling, was reading a walmart owned my car thread somewhere else and this idea just crossed my mind.

Maybe ill get some boat bumpers and hang them off the side when I park her. They come in a nice array of colors too!


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LOL, all I can say to that is WHAT THA [email protected]!
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