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spedo gear/start problems, 1987 Mustang

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I got a ticket the other day and I am going to try and beat it in the court. It wasn't reckless thank god but really darn close... 80 in a 65. Anyways I was going to change the speedometer gear to throw it off a little then get it calibrated. I have stock '87 5.0 manual gearing and a 140 speedometer. What size gear should I change to so that I can throw it off about 10 mph?

Also I went the start the car the other day and when I tried to turn the key and crank it the key binded up and wouldn't turn far enough. I can turn it enough to get the power on and fuel pump but I cant crank it. It feels like there is something binding up so that it cant move. I got around it by popping the hood and taking the plug shaped wire off little module on the fire wall (not sure what it is called) and connected that with power to get it to crank. So what is broken and how do I fix it?
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So you were speeding and your speedo is correct, but you want another speedo gear to make it look like it wasn't correct? You might get hit then with a faulty equipment charge but you can try.

To make it read slower than you're really going, you could pair the drive gear (in transmission) with F2674 and the speedo gear (on cable) with F1131. These are Mustangs Unlimited part numbers.
yea I swear I was going 75 but he got me at 80 and then nailed me for my window tint also. I don't mind the faulty equipment ticket ... I just don't want insurance to go up. Thanks for the help.
if they hit you with a faulty equipment charge i would imagine they would still give you the speeding ticket becuase either way you are still driving faster then the speed limit and it is your job as the car owner to maintain it. i think im right someone correct me if im wrong please
Things may have changed, but i doubt it. Many years ago i drove a 69 chevy 3/4 ton 4x4. I put a 4" lift on it and very large tires, resulting in my speedometer being off rather drastically. I tried using that very excuse and was told almost exactly what SVTballa was saying, that it's my responsibility to ensure i am driving a safe vehicle. I was given a "fix it" ticket and still got the speeding ticket.

Any police officer who bothers to take the time to write a ticket for speeding is going to say basically the same thing. I used my visual skills to observe this vehicle going at approximately 80 mph, i then utilitzed my "radar gun" and got a reading of 80 mph. This occurred in an area where the posted speed limit is 65 mph. Yes, the driver of the car is guilty of driving over the speed limit. Your best bet is to pay the ticket with a smile and try to keep closer to the posted speed limit.
yea I agree with you guys. It was a long drive and I was kinda in my own world and wasn't looking at my speed. Talk about a crappy feeling when you see that trooper pull out behind you. I guess I learned my lesson.
I had several speeding tickets years ago when i lived in Virginia Beach. I changed my speedo gear and either had the ticket reduced or dropped all together...Ask SWPD, and MASSHOLE, they might know...most judges and police are not going to create more paperwork for themselves unless they have a hard-on for you...give it a try and see what always worked for me..thanks God for never having the same
do you know of a good place to get it calibrated once I change the gear? How much does it cost?
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