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Speed of Sound gauge pod w/Raptor claw

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Well, I finally got off my lazy butt and installed my Speed of Sound gauge pod and Raptor shift light. The Raptor claw is a pretty cool idea and simple enough to install. But I will say for a few seconds there I was a little confused. The instructions are not exactly what you would call clear but once I pulled my head out it was pretty self explanitory.

Overall fitment is great ( well..the pillar is a Ford part, but you know what I mean ). The gauges are mounted in a manor that they are easily visible but not in the way. The texture and color on the pods match the pillar perfectly. I pretty much dig it.

Now, if I could just find a descent +12V switched source to power the gauges from. Every single one I have tried ( on the drivers side of the car ) so far drops to +4V when I splice the power for the gauges in to it. For the time being, I am using the power source for one of the factory sub amps. It is a constant power so my temp gauge does not drop to minimum when I turn the ignition off. Not too terribly concerned with that at the moment. I doubt it draws enough current to make the battery go down.

Also...if anyone knows where either of the four O2 sensors wires are in a harness in the engine compartment, drop me a PM. A friend was kind enough to send me the slides from his service manual DVD, but according to them every single friggin' thing in the car is powered from a red/yellow wire :sosad: . I somehow doubt that is correct. Instructions for the A/F meter say to NOT use the wire going straight to the O2 sensor, but instead to use a wire from where it goes up in the harness. Well, the harness runs along the top of the transmission and is basically impossible to get to. So I guess my next best bet is to find the harness in the engine compartment and splice it in there, or at the PCM. So......if anyone has any info it would be appreciated. :kooky:

Anyway, here is a couple of shots of the gauges and the Raptor, and where I mounted the temp sensor for the coolant temp gauge.

Maybe tomorrow I will be industrious enough to install the EH2O pump.


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hey man, those gauges look awesome!! :bigthumbsup who are they by?
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