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speedo needle removal/installation help

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hey guys, i wanna start a project to change the color of my gauges, but i need to pull the needles off the gauges first.

whats the best way to pull the needles off without breaking them, but mainly how do i then reinstall them and make sure theyre still acuurate.
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The way I did it a while back was pretty easy. Take the cluster out and take the front cover off. Pop the pins out that prevent the needles from going too far down/back. Take a picture of it and notes so you can see how to reinstall them. Then use a fork and slide it under and rock it a little to pop the needles off. Installation is straightfoward. The only way you will be able to halfway check them is with a GPS or have someone pace you. When you put the cluster back in leave the cover off at first and check the accuracy, that'll save you a lot of trouble...
yea just like he said, its really easy to remove them. take the cluster out and take the cover off the front then pull the needles right off with a fork or something. I didnt use a gps to recalibrate everything. for the battery, temp, and oil, i let it run for a few mins then put them right in the middle where they used to be, and for the fuel, i marked off where it was on a piece of paper. the speedo and tachometer were easy when you use the gauge test. thats where you hold the button to reset the trip mileage or check the odometer down then turn the ignition on until it says "test". then you start the car and you will go through the different options the computer will read out by pressing that same button. i went to the tach readout, and set it to what the computer said, then went on a highway with the engine setting on (i think its eng or something) and thats what speed your computer is reading then you can set it to that. after i had all the gauges set then i put the cluster back together with the cover and all is good to go :bigthumbsup good luck
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