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speedo needle removal/installation help

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hey guys, i wanna start a project to change the color of my gauges, but i need to pull the needles off the gauges first.

whats the best way to pull the needles off without breaking them, but mainly how do i then reinstall them and make sure theyre still acuurate.
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The way I did it a while back was pretty easy. Take the cluster out and take the front cover off. Pop the pins out that prevent the needles from going too far down/back. Take a picture of it and notes so you can see how to reinstall them. Then use a fork and slide it under and rock it a little to pop the needles off. Installation is straightfoward. The only way you will be able to halfway check them is with a GPS or have someone pace you. When you put the cluster back in leave the cover off at first and check the accuracy, that'll save you a lot of trouble...
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