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Speedometer Problems

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Can anyone tell me the fix for a speedometer that is 10 to 15mph slow. I heard that there are some sort of small gears in the transmission where the speedometer cable goes to??? This is for a 1978 V6. Thanks
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the speedo cable goes into the tailshaft on the left side of the trans...the gear is on the end of that..held by a c-clip. those ar interchangeable, that is the driven gear. You may also have to change the drive gear (not always) but for that the tail housing must be removed
Thanks for the info..i'll check it out.
Are your tires the proper size? I have 205's on my rear and mine is about 6-8mph slow.
I have 195/70R/13 on the car. They are on the original rims so I figured they are the original size??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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