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Edited for clarity and organization.

Repurpose original egr passageway on the split port lower intake manifold.
- I'll be using an m112 supercharger and wont be able to use the stock egr location for my application due to supercharger snout location and corresponding belt.

Greater cooling to mitigate supercharger heat soak.
-the egr passageway is a rather smooth passageway (see picture attached). This is problematic as to promote thermal exchange time and surface area are required to dissipate heat.

My idea:
To repurpose the original egr passageway as an additional cooling passageway.
-I have already drilled the original egr bungs out of the long runner intake on the split ports.
-I accomplished this by using a 5/8 metal working drill bit as the bungs are extremely hard to work with and made out of what I believe to be stainless steel. (See picture attached)
-I then taped the bung holes I previously drilled out with an m18 x 1.5 tap. (See picture attached).
-My idea is to then thread bolts into these bung holes to create more surface area as well as impede the coolants movement through the jacket as to promote better thermal exchange.
-I have already ordered the bolts as I could not pick them up locally and I plan to then cut fins at the end of the bolts using a carbide cutting wheel, again greater thermal exchange.
-I belive it will make much more sense when I have the bolts and can show an after picture when completed.
-I then plan on using a cobra supercharger pump with a small front mount heat exchanger to run an isolated cooling system through the egr passageway.

I hope this clarifies what I had originally tried to say and thank you both Mod Jackson and massacre for letting me know I was all over the place and jumbled up.


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Asking for feedback with this off the wall idea, thoughts positive and negative and maybe better suggestions?
Please edit your post, and break it up into shorter paragraphs. You’re not getting replies because it’s difficult to read in the current format.
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