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springs on vert / suspension w/ 18" fans

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anyone know if Vert. GT has different springs then the coupe GT?

how about a difference in springs, swaybars or shock valving for GT's with the 18" wheel package
(read somewere that suspension settings are different to take advantage of bigger wheel/tire)

my '05 GT coupe has Eibach pro-kit coils and sits a full 2 inches lower in back and 1.5 lower in front (the left side sits a little higher, could be because of shaker 1000 box/amp in right of trunk)

my father just picked up his '06 GT vert. (toungsten/red w/black top)
with 18" fans

he wants it lowered like mine, are there lowering springs specific for verts?
I can't find a true answer. ie, a place on ebay shows a specific Eibach part # for an '05 GT vert as 35103-140 while Eibach's web site shows same # for both coupe and vert 35101-140

any sugestions on what brand/type lowering springs to go with for him, I think if it sits as low as mine he may find the ride or the extra scrapping to much (he will be driving it alot)
all other bands (H&R, Steeda, Saleen etc. list 1 inch drop in rear, one inch just seams to little for this car

anyone heard of shorter rear bump stops available or cutting down stock ones?
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some answers

today, talked to Mark at Eibach

he told me, they (before now) were using the same part for coupes and verts and were developing a vert specific spring, but the coupe version will work fine.

I guess my timing was good because the first vert specific batch (35103-140) is available for shipping now. the difference is a increase in spring rate to compensate the overall weight difference and weight distribution difference

he also recamends cutting about a 1/2 inch off stock bump stops in the rear (at least for my coupe)

or, order there shorter bumpstops (p# BS 45001617) (included with the lower Sportline kit)

Laurel Mountain Mustang, gave the best deal for both orders
have you removed and felt how heavy shaker 1000 unit is?

the panhard bar / track bar or mounting should have no influince on ride height

the posibile/combined reasons for a car sitting a 1/2" lower on right

-more weight on right "most likley"
-mounting point vairinces
-some type of driver compensation?? (car with stock springs sat lower the same amount)
KiLLeR_WoMBaT said:
I believe it sits higher on the left because of the panhead bar attachment placement? The amp is NOT that heavy:eyepoppin
KiLLeR_WoMBaT, didn't mean to come of as a smart arse, just was curious if you had removed the shaker unit and felt the weight (i haven't)

on the panhard bar it is a locating link only, you could remove the link and the car body would shift side to side but not up and down

If I ever get the chance and remember, I will measure the ride height with someone in drivers seat.
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