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Over's GT said:
anyone know if Vert. GT has different springs then the coupe GT?
how about a difference in springs, swaybars or shock valving for GT's with the 18" wheel package
(read somewere that suspension settings are different to take advantage of bigger wheel/tire)
he wants it lowered like mine, are there lowering springs specific for verts?
I can't find a true answer. ie, a place on ebay shows a specific Eibach part # for an '05 GT vert as 35103-140 while Eibach's web site shows same # for both coupe and vert 35101-140
When I had my 18" Halibrands installed the shop that did the job said springs for the vert were not available & they checked w/basically all the Mfgs' ..That was back in July's one of those things that they say "might" work I suppose. Would wait until there is a specific application listed for the Vert & if steeda has one....speak to them live & double check..confirm it will work...Let us know how you make out ..That's something I'm considering down the road.
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