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springs on vert / suspension w/ 18" fans

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anyone know if Vert. GT has different springs then the coupe GT?

how about a difference in springs, swaybars or shock valving for GT's with the 18" wheel package
(read somewere that suspension settings are different to take advantage of bigger wheel/tire)

my '05 GT coupe has Eibach pro-kit coils and sits a full 2 inches lower in back and 1.5 lower in front (the left side sits a little higher, could be because of shaker 1000 box/amp in right of trunk)

my father just picked up his '06 GT vert. (toungsten/red w/black top)
with 18" fans

he wants it lowered like mine, are there lowering springs specific for verts?
I can't find a true answer. ie, a place on ebay shows a specific Eibach part # for an '05 GT vert as 35103-140 while Eibach's web site shows same # for both coupe and vert 35101-140

any sugestions on what brand/type lowering springs to go with for him, I think if it sits as low as mine he may find the ride or the extra scrapping to much (he will be driving it alot)
all other bands (H&R, Steeda, Saleen etc. list 1 inch drop in rear, one inch just seams to little for this car

anyone heard of shorter rear bump stops available or cutting down stock ones?
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What site? There are tons of threads on engine mods but relatively few on 2005 Mustang suspension (with the exception of some stuff on Eibach or Steeda springs being installed). Please post the link. Thanks, in advance.

I actually found that site a while ago and you're right, it has some good general suspension tech information. Thanks for posting the link for others, it's a good read for anyone. Much appreciated.
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