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Sputtering and dies when hot!

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My '94 GT is giving me problems. It runs fine when it is cold. When I drive in stop-and-go traffic it will start sputtering as if there is bad gas in the tank and then it dies. It also does the same thing when the engine is hot and I have to stop somewhere and then start it again and go. When it starts sputtering I will try to get the RPM's up but the engine won't rev and it bogs and dies again, especially if I try to drive it bogs and dies again. Usually if I let it cool for 30 minutes to an hour it is runs OK.

Any suggestions?
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You need to replace theTFI module on the distributor. It is on the front of the distributor with 8 or 10 wires going into it.
So, if this module is bad it only malfunctions when the engine is hot?
Yes, heat increases resistance. Mine went bad at home, as I was topping off my radiator. I pulled it off and tested it, (still warm) and found two of the "circuits" to be bad. Next morning I tested it, and it was within spec. So I threw it back on the car, but it still wouldn't start. I know Advance auto parts tests them - they heat 'em up, too.
With a '94-'95, the TFI isn't on the dizzy, it was moved to some cooler location. Make sure your spark plug wires are good, because arcing causes premature TFI failure, I think. I've also heard of pickup modules (and
crankshaft position sensors) malfunctioning in this way.
If the problem persists, you should check your fuel pressure too.
Sooner Derek said:
So, if this module is bad it only malfunctions when the engine is hot?
I'm guessing it is either the O2 sensors or clogged catalytic converters. It sputtered and died again today. I struggled to keep it running and it was backfiring a little and then died. I got out to look at the engine and there was some smoke rising from the exhaust underneath the car. Any thoughts?
I'm running into the same problem. Someone told me it was the MAP/BAP sensor. I going to try and replace it in the next couple of days. I'll post back and give you the results. I've already replaced the following, Cap, rotor,plugs,plug wires, MAF, cleaned the throttle body and set the Timing.

I think I might of fixed it

Tonight I changed the MAP/BAP sensor and drove it for about an 1/2 hour and it ran fine. I'm not ready to do the victory dance yet, I think I'll wait a few days for that. I'll post back in a day or so to give you the final verdict.

Good Luck,
i think the tfi module on 94-95 cars is under the air filter assembly. if i were you i would check fuel pressure, when driving. if the pressure drops under load, you have found your problem. it would be time for a pump and a filter. if pressure stays the same under load or at idle then the regulator may be the culprit
Well no dancing the CEL is back and the air cleaner is sounding like a jet engine with it idling at 1500 rpms. I give up someone shoot me.:weeps

I'm out........
I went to Advance Auto Parts and the guy hooked up the hand-held reader to the computer under the dash, but it gave a "Linking Error". I talked to a friend who is an ASE Certified Ford mechanic and he said the correct location to hook up the reader is under the hood somewhere around the firewall.

Anyway, I replaced my fuel filter to no avail. I then dropped my tank and changed my fuel pump. The whine stopped and appeared to be fixed. I realized that the tank seal needed to be replaced, so the next day I dropped the tank again and replaced it. I am happy to say that the problem is solved. The car runs much better now. I think I will clean the MAF wires now to see if my mileage improves.

Thanks to all.
the same thing happened to my 91 and were told it was the egr so we unplugged the vacume line to it we think it worked just the check light is on
could be vapor lock

Hi, my cousin was having the same problem with his mustang and i found out it was because he had one of his fuel lines on his motor which mad it hot and cause the car to vapor lock. check and make sure your fuel lines arent run anywhere that gets real hot
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