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Squeaking, need help buying bushings, explaining what needs to be done

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Hi all. Let me explain you my problem and outline specific questions. I have a lot of them. Thanks in advance!!

I have a 2007 Mustang GT Manual with 44 k miles on it. About 2 years ago it started chirping. This gets worse the more I do the following, if I'm stuck in traffic for example: 1st gear, then gently 2nd gear. The car lurches back a little between 1st and 2nd gear, and the sound is a chirp or a groan if I do it really really slowly and smooth. The motion the car goes through between the gears is very small, but that's what makes that annoying chirp come out. Sounds like it's coming from the rear end. This sound goes away if I spray WD-40 on where the screw is (see picture 2 furthest from the camera, it's the end of that moving "arm")

About the same time, sometimes on the highway, I get repeated barely audible high-pitched chirping sound. Sounds like a mouse orgy. It comes and goes. Sometimes it happens when I press the gas pedal. Sometimes when I'm going up the hill.

What I saw today at the shop, when the mechanic lifted up the car:
nearly of these so-called bushings that are made of rubber are cracked/torn.

1. Do I need to replace all of them bushings? Or are these purely "cosmetic"?
2. If I need to replace them, do I need to change all the parts attached to them or just the rubber?
3. Can all those torn rubber bushings be responsible for the noise?
4. Could somebody please identify the parts' names, and where I could get them?

Thanks a lot guys! I know it's a lot of information!:worship


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Lower control arm bushings - notorious for squeaking. You have to replace the entire lower control arm - bushings aren't sold separately. The price at the dealer for this itiem is ridiculous, but American Muscle has Ford Racing lower control arms including new bolts for about $100 each (need to replace both). They are easy to replace.
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Well you can change the bushings with the Prothane complete kit.

The FRPP are GT500 style still based off the current bushing material.

BRM Box style Are Rugged at 130 bucks are a good fix for the roads you drive.

T Wayne
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The UCA is a little more involved install. The picture shows everything a dry-rotted failed rubber bushing.

BRM as well offers a solution with the UCA and Mount and a differential replacement bushing.

Now if your on a budget of say 500 bucks for parts UPR is a little cheaper and CDC Mustang has front and back shocks and struts and you could for 100 bucks more gt 500 front strut bearing.

It will solve the problems then and later because soon as the factory back starts going next is the front.

T Wayne
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You need to not drive your car when they salt the roads. That does not look good. The cheap fix would be to look into the classifieds here and hunt down a set of take-off lower control arms (LCA's) and put them on. I wouldn't go messing around with the UCA if I didn't have to. It sucks real bad messing with the UCA.
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